Data Recovery FAQ

To prevent further data loss, immediately power down the device, and unplug it from its power source (or remove its battery). Any further use of the device could decrease the likelihood of a successful recovery..

Next, call us at (720) 724-0478 to schedule a free, no obligation phone consultation with a data recovery expert who will answer your questions, and determine the best course of action to get your data back quickly.

We work with all brands & styles of computers, tablets, phones, cameras, drives, electronic devices, USB devices, SD cards, memory cards, CDs, and DVDs.

We’ve recovered data from all types of disasters, including:

  • Dead Computers & USB Drives: Retrieve files from drives or computers that no longer turn on.
  • Deleted Files: Get back accidentally deleted files from a computer, drive or device.
  • Corrupted Files / Windows Errors: Blue Screen, Virus, Spyware, or Malware related data loss.
  • Catastrophic Failure: Drives found after floods, fires, tornadoes, crashes, etc.
  • Physically Damaged: Banged, crushed, dropped, cleaved & impaled drives.
  • Electronic Failure: Occurs when a drive’s electrical circuits have failed.
  • Mechanical Failure: Occurs when internal parts fail to move properly.

Diagnostics are free (You’ll just pay for shipping or pickup/delivery when applicable), and no billable services will be performed without your prior approval.

After diagnostics are completed, we’ll contact you by phone with a flat-rate quote for your recovery. You’ll have the option to proceed with the recovery, or decline further services.

If you decide to move forward, payment will be due in advance of recovery services. Once payment has cleared, we will begin the recovery attempt.

If you decline services you will not be charged. If you wish for us to return your device and/or accessories, you’ll be responsible only for the cost of return shipping.

You can mail us your drive or device for a free diagnostic, or if you live within a one hour drive of our Boulder, CO or Hackensack, NJ locations, we can come to you.

Mail-In Option:

If you choose the mail-in recovery option, though the diagnostic is free, you will be responsible for all shipping costs. This includes the cost to ship your device and accessories, as well as the cost of return shipping for your recovered data, device, and accessories.

We will send any return shipments to you via USPS. You may choose your own delivery options, including shipping speed, shipping insurance, package tracking, and signature requirements.

Mail your computer, drive or device to:

Data Recovery Dept.
370 W Pleasantview Ave
Suite 2-155
Hackensack, NJ 07601

Pickup/Delivery Option ($250):

If you live within a one hour drive of our Boulder, CO or Hackensack, NJ locations, a technician can visit your home or office to answer your questions, perform your initial consultation, transport your device and accessories to our recovery facility, and deliver your device, accessories and recovered data back to you upon completion of service.

This fee is separate from the cost of data recovery services, and is non-refundable upon completion of the initial consultation, even if you decline recovery service after diagnostics, or your recovery attempt is unsuccessful.

Yes. Forensic data recovery is a specific type of data recovery which is used for legal purposes in court proceedings for criminal or civil investigations.

If you require forensic data recovery, we have the tools and experts to help, but you’ll need to let your technician know your intentions during the initial consultation.

Most likely, yes! There are many, many reasons a computer might not turn on, and a damaged hard drive is statistically unlikely. We offer a free drive diagnostic to determine if your hard drive has suffered any damage or corruption.

Provided the drive is undamaged, even if the computer will not boot, your data has not been lost or corrupted. You won’t need data recovery, just data migration (a much less-expensive service) to transfer the data from the dead computer to a working PC or drive.

Yes. During your free phone consultation, we should be able to provide an estimate with reasonable accuracy – though no guaranteed quote can be provided until after full diagnostics have been run.

If you decide to proceed with our free drive diagnostic, a guaranteed flat-rate quote for recovery will be provided, and no billable services will be performed without your prior approval.

Our “No Data – No Fee Guarantee!” refers to our policy that if no “user data” was recovered, you will be refunded in full for the recovery attempt (minus any applicable pickup/delivery or shipping costs).

“User data” refers to files (pictures, music, videos, or documents) that had been created or saved by you (or the computer user), whereas a “system file” is a file that was automatically created by the device (or a program on the device), such as program files, windows files, temp files, etc.

In the rare case of a partial recovery, please be aware that if ANY user data is successfully recovered, then our “No Data – No Fee Guarantee!” will not apply.

To perform a data recovery attempt, Geeks On Command!, LLC (or it’s partners, subcontractors, or affiliate agencies) may need to collect, process, utilize, and store your data during the course of service, including passwords, PINs, usernames, logins, credit cards, and other personal information that may be considered confidential and/or proprietary.

Confidential information in our possession will be used for no other purpose than to assist in data recovery. At no time will we use any confidential information obtained from your device or data for personal benefit, nor will we disclose or communicate your information to any third party without your prior consent. This policy continues to be effective even after the completion of a recovery.

We will retain a backup copy of your recovered data for up to sixty (60) days in case of emergency. During this period, we will answer any questions concerning the recovered data and provide additional copies if requested.

After sixty (60) days, all data will be securely and permanently erased. Under no circumstance will we retain (or permanently copy) any information correlated with this data recovery after 60 days.

It is impossible to predict how long a data recovery will take, due to influencing factors such as: the extent of damage to the device, the availability of replacement parts, the amount of data on the device, and the storage capacity of the drive, but all reasonable efforts shall be made to complete your recovery in a timely manner, and to keep you informed of any complications.

No rush service is available for data recovery.

We recommend choosing a shipping method that includes insurance and tracking information. To minimize the risk of damage, we recommend following these packaging instructions.

1. Use a corrugated cardboard shipping box that is at least twice the size of your drive or device.
2. Individually wrap your drive or device, as well as any other included items, in bubble wrap.
3. Ensure at least three inches of padding covers the sides and edges of all included items.
4. Be certain the padding is secured (use tape if necessary) and won’t slip off during shipment.
5. Place the securely wrapped items inside your shipping box.
6. Write your name, address, and phone number on a piece of paper, and include it in the box.
7. Add bubble wrap to fill any empty space until all items are completely immobile inside the box.
8. Be certain not to use packing peanuts! They carry static electricity that can damage your drive.
9. Once all items are completely secured inside the box, seal the box closed with packing tape.
10. On all six sides, use a permanent marker to write the word “FRAGILE”.
11. Fill out your return shipping address, then ship your package to:

Geeks On Command!
Data Recovery Dept.
370 W Pleasantview Ave
Suite 2-155
Hackensack, NJ 07601

We are normally able to complete diagnostics and provide a guaranteed quote for your recovery within 2-3 business days of arrival at our facilities. This timeframe cannot be guaranteed, however, as devices with extensive damage will require significantly more time to diagnose.

Successful recoveries will require a new drive or device to hold the recovered data. You are given the option to provide or purchase one of the following:

• USB Thumb Drive
• USB External Hard Drive
• Replacement Computer (Tablet, Phone, etc.)

Once recovered data has been transferred to the new drive or device we will return your device, accessories, and data to you in the manner of your choosing.

Mail-In Option:

If you have chosen the mail-in recovery option, we will send your device, accessories, and data to you via USPS. You will be responsible for all shipping costs.

Geeks On Command!, LLC is not responsible for any data, device, or accessory that is lost or damaged during transit, though we retain a backup copy of your recovered data for up to 60 days in case of emergency.

Pickup/Delivery Option:

If you have chosen the pickup/delivery option, we will schedule a time to dispatch your technician to your home or office to deliver your device, accessories, and data. Please be aware that supplemental on-site services, such as data migration, virus scans, new pc setup, etc. are not included in the pickup/delivery fee, but may be purchased at this time at our standard rate of $125 per hour + tax.

Yes, provided it is not an encrypted drive. We have the ability to bypass or remove passwords to access locked drives and devices.

You MUST be able to provide proof of ownership for all devices, accessories, information, and data you provide to Geeks On Command!, LLC for the purposes of recovery, and will be held responsible for any costs, or legal fees awarded against Geeks On Command!, LLC as a result of a breach of this agreement.

Rather than recovering software, we typically install a new copy of the program using downloadable setup files. If you’ve lost a software license or product key we can help recover these from your device.

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